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Do you constantly feel stressed out because there are too many stuffs to remember. A.I. Talking Reminder is a software with stress relief in mind. Don't forget to call or meet someone you care; don't be late for a meeting or a date again. This is the software that can save you from "You spend too much time on computer" speech.

A.I. Talking reminder is easy and fun to use. It can help you keep track of important events while you are working on your computer, watch a cute 3D character leisurely napping on your screen. Its reminder function also works as a to do list and memo software. It can tell you a new joke everyday as well as telling time and date. Add your favorite web links, set your favorite news pages, or set your favorite character. With vivid 3D characters that speak and react to your controls (right/left click, mouse grab), it turns your computer to live. Gnome and Hippo characters are included free. More characters are available 

Right Click Menu: (Right click on a character to bring out menu with commands and features listed below)

| Stop | Move | Hide | Reminder | Favorite Sites | Links | Tell | My News | Search Web | Feed | Play | Character Tools | Program Options | Help | Close Menu | Quit |

When clicked, the character will stop all actions in progress and freeze until next command is received.

When clicked, the character will move to default screen position pre-set in Program Options menu.

When clicked, the character will hide to system tray in the bottom right corner until next command is received or a reminder item is due. You can set Hide Time in Program Option's command tab.

Reminder -
When clicked, Reminder window will come up.

--- Date Calendar:
There are three ways to select a reminder date.
In the date box below the calendar, click on MM / DD  / YYYY and enter number, for Month (enter one or two digits) / Date (enter one or two digits) / Year (enter four digits)
2. In the date box, click on Month or Date or Year and use the Up and Down arrow on the right to move to the Month, Day, or Year.
In the calendar, use the left or right arrow to move the calendar Month. Click on the month (i.e. August) to show a list of months; click on the year (i.e. 2008) to show year scroll arrow and move the calendar Year you want.

--- Time: It uses 12-hour clock format with AM (Before Noon) and PM (After Noon). There 2 ways to select a reminder item's time.
1.  In the time box, click on HH : MM : SS and enter number, for Hour (one or two digits) : Minute (one or two digits) : Second ( one or two digits). Click on AM/PM and enter a or AM, p for PM. 
2. In the time box, click on Hour or Minute or Second or AM/PM and use the Up and Down arrow on the right. 
---Subject: In the text box, enter your reminder item's Subject for your own reference. i.e. Meeting grandma this Sunday. (Text entered here will be automatically copied to message box when you move mouse cursor to message box)

---Message: In the text box, enter the message you want to be read out loud to you when the reminder item is due. i.e. Get going now. Grandma is waiting for me in the shopping mall's food court.

---[ ] Recurrence: Check this box if the reminder item is a recurring event. A recurrence window will come out for future recurrence selection as below.

-----Week: The reminder item will repeat every X week by your specification. Sub selection with Monday through Sunday of the week. If you need a reminder to repeat everyday, you can check Monday through Sunday in the sub selection menu.
----- Month: Will repeat on the same day of each month.
----- Year: Will repeat on the same day of each year.

---Alarm List: A list of current reminder (in regular font), repeating reminder (with a repeating sign) and past due reminder items (in red font). You can double click or right click on a reminder item to edit/delete/view. You can click on the Date button on top to sort reminder items by date in descending order.

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Favorite Sites -
Displays a list of your favorite sites. When you click on a site, the site will be displayed in your default web browser if you are connected to internet. 
--- Add A Site: Click Add A Site to add a new favorite site. (1. Enter URL.  2. Enter name of the site.)
--- Edit Site List:
Click Edit Site List to edit existing site list. (1. Select the site to edit. 2. Click Edit, Add or up/down arrow.)
Note: In right click site list menu, you can click and hold a site to move order.

Links -
Display is a list of popular links by your localization setting. (If you have any link suggestion for a certain country, please let us know HERE)

- A list of tell commands are found here.
---Daily Joke: When clicked, the character will tell the joke of the day (if connected to internet)
---Daily Greeting:
When clicked, the character will tell the greeting of the day (if connected to internet)
---Current Time:
When clicked, the character will tell current time in HH:MM AM/PM format. 
---Today's Date:
When clicked, the character will tell today's date and day.

My News -
When clicked, My News browser will come out and all pages will be loaded when connected to internet. News pages are loaded based on your localization setting. (If you have any link suggestion for a certain country, please let us know HERE)
--- File > Setting: Will allow you to set your own page links for each topic. 
---File > Close: Will exit My News browser

Search Web -
When clicked, Search Web window will come out. Select sites to search, multiple selections are allowed. Enter your search keywords in the blank box and click [Let's Go]

Feed - When clicked, the character will be fed.

Play -
When clicked, the character will follow your mouse cursor around the screen. You can set play time duration  in Program Option's command tab.

Character Tools -
Set your character preference.
---Advanced Character Options:
Set character font size and speaking speed. Check display spoken output in balloon using each character's default settings. Adjust speaking speed to your preferred speed.
---Change Character:  You can switch a  character on screen to any of the characters in the list.  Just click on the character name. The character will come out.
---Multiple Character:
You can have multiple characters on screen by clicking on the character name. If you want to get more characters, you can visit:
---Unload Character: When there are multiple characters on screen, you can use this command to unload a character. Just right click on the character and click on this command.
---More Characters: You can get new characters from our website. We have designed many characters for your selection. We will have new characters come out every now and then.

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Program Options -
You can set your program preference, backup or import your settings and data here. 

---Backup & Restore:
You can export or import your preferred settings and data such as reminder items, command settings, links...etc. This feature is useful for users who own many computers and want to synchronize the data and setting. Also, when you upgrade or reinstall the program, you can import your old data and settings. 
NOTE: When importing data, all existing data and settings will be overwritten.

---Setting Tab:
Start with windows will make sure all reminder items read to you on time, and all past due reminder items will be displayed for viewing and editing. 
-----Auto rotate will rotate a different character each time the program starts. 
-----User Name text box is where you enter or edit name you prefer. 
-----Moving on Screen selection will allow your character to move on the screen at the time interval listed.
-----Speech Selection sets the speaking voice of the character (we don't recommend changing this setting to maintain each character's characteristic) 
-----Quit Command Action has an advanced option of Quit and Shutdown computer for advanced computer users.
-----Character Selection List lets you choose which character will appear on screen. It is same as Change Character command in right click menu.
-----Speech Volume sets the volume of a character's speaking.
-----Move Command Action sets the screen location when Move command on right click menu is clicked.
-----Default Screen Position sets a character screen position when Move command is clicked or single left click on a character by user. (Most users prefer Top Right)

---Command Tab:
Set the duration of each command

-----Hide Time sets how many minutes a character will be hidden when Hide command on right click menu is executed.
-----Play Time sets how many seconds a character will be hidden when Play command on right click menu is executed.
-----Idle Time sets how many minutes a character will be napping when it falls asleep.
-----Stay Inactive Time sets how many minutes a character will be inactive when Stop command on right click menu is executed.

---Localization and Language Tab:
Choose your preferred language for user interface and set your location for links and my news settings...etc. You can check our language page HERE to install all available languages for your program.

---Data Tab:
A.I. Talking Reminder has auto backup feature to protect your data and settings.  You can browse and choose a directory (folder) where you want auto backup file stored. The auto backup fixed file name is autobackup.cfg. If you upgrade or reinstall A.I. Talking Reminder and forgot to backup your old data, you can import your old data and settings using autobackup.cfg file. Default directory is set to C:\Program files\aipower\TalkingReminder\1 (file name: autobackup.cfg)

Help -
A list of help/support/contact links are listed for your convenience.

Close Menu -
If you open the right click menu by mistake, you can click this command to close it. Likewise, close the right click menu if you don't need it, but it remains on screen. 

Quit -
Will exit the program with the option to shut down or restart computer (Pre-Set in Option Menu: Quit Command Action). 

Should you have any question about using this program, please feel free to contact our support team:

A.I. Power Software uses Microsoft Agent technology. For more information, you can visit

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